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The Amount Of Money Cristiano Ronaldo Earns From A Single Instagram Post Is Seriously Insane

Cristiano Ronaldo is a global icon. He is the most followed athlete across a number of social platforms, including Instagram, where he has over 133 million followers.

   I mean, approximately 520,000 Juventus shirts were sold either online or in-store in just 24 hours of his transfer being announced., which puts into perspective how bloody massive he is.

The 33-year-old also has a few quid to his name. It was announced earlier this month that the five-time Balon d'Or winner will earn €30 million a year in Turin and in the meanwhile, has penned a four-year deal worth a whopping €120 million.
That's right. The 33-year-old will pocket £26,545,154 a year at Juventus, which equates to £2,212,096 per month.
If you break that down into weekly, daily and hourly rates, it just proves that despite his age he is still worth a huge amount.
He will pick up £106,180,616 over four years, £26,545,154 in a year, £2,212,096 in a month and £510,483 a weekIf that doesn't put things into perspective, maybe this will: Cristiano Ronaldo will earn £72,925 a day, £3,038 an hour, £50.64 a minute and 84p a second during his time in Serie A.
It has been revealed that Ronaldo can command upward of $750,000 (£570,000) every ad-based picture he posts, which is absolutely bonkers when you think about it.
Neymar earns a nice little earner of $600,000 if he fancies it, while Lionel Messi will pick up $500,000.


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