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This is what happens when you smoke shisha everyday

It was common to find different persons smoking shisha especially at entertainment joint. However, most of the revelers did not know what they were getting themselves into by smoking the product

. Here are some of the things happen to shisha smokers.

First and foremost, smoking shisha increases your chances of infections. The sharing of smoking pipes puts your health at risk. Many smokers end up with mouth diseases after taking the product. By sharing the pipes, you never know what is likely to happen to you in the long run.

Secondly, smokers expose themselves to the risk of suffering from cancer.

Smoking of Shisha for a long time makes an individual more likely 

 to suffer from cancer. It is advisable to quit smoking for the sake of your lungs. The continuous accumulation of smoke into your lungs puts your life in danger. The risk is even higher when you decided to smoke more quantities on a daily basis.

Thirdly, there are risks of suffering from heart-related diseases. Whenever you smoke, you making your heart become weaker and weaker. Avoid too much smoking if you do not want to suffer from heart complications in the near future.

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