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Why is Justin Bieber banned from visiting China, when he hasn't been there before

Frank Zhong
Middle school affiliated to Fudan University. Shanghai

Enmmmm….This question seems like quite few people knows about it.First,his cencert will be hold in Beijing,but after JB is banned from China,the Apartment of Culture in Beijing hang out a notice in Its website.

AND the notice in Chinese

首先,对你表达的心情表示理解。 Justin Bieber是一个有歌唱才华但也是一个有争议的年轻外籍歌手。

据了解,作为一名公众人物,他在境外社会生活及在国内演出活动中曾有一系列不良行为引发公众不满。 为规范国内演出市场秩序,净化演出市场环境,因此不宜引进有不良行为的演艺人员。

但是,希望Justin Bieber在成长过程中不断完善自己的言行,真正成为受公众喜爱的歌手。 再次感谢您的理解和支持!

In Google translation English

First of all, express your understanding of the mood. Justin Bieber is a talented singer but also a controversial young foreign singer

It is understood that, as a public figure, he in the social life at home and overseas performances had a series of bad behavior caused public discontent. In order to regulate the performance of the domestic market order, market environment purification performance, so there is not the introduction of bad behavior of entertainers.

However, I hope Justin Bieber will continue to improve their words and deeds in the process of growing up, and truly become a popular singer. Thank you again for your understanding and support!

This is the offical answer.


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